Diagnosis of Scheuermann-Mau disease.

To avoid juvenile kyphosis, you should avoid excessive physical exertion on the spine, as well as eat right and maintain good posture.

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Scheuermann-Mau disease (juvenile dorsal kyphosis, dorsal juvenile kyphosis) is a chronic disease of the spinal column that occurs in adolescence and is characterized by progressive kyphosis of the cervicothoracic spine (like a hump).

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The process is completely reversible with conservative treatment methods. Early period (florid): 15-20 years (according to some experts from 13 years old). The first symptoms (complaints) appear: recurring pain in the lower back, frequent intervertebral hernia, complicated by compression of the spinal cord. The process is completely or almost completely reversible (individual characteristics of the patient are taken into account) by conservative treatment or a combination of conservative and surgical treatment. Late period (resudal): after 20-25 years. There are numerous complications that complement the clinical picture of the underlying disease. Treatment is necessarily surgical, there is no complete recovery.

This pathology is quite rare - about 1% of the total population of the Earth. Boys and girls have the same risk of developing juvenile kyphosis. The earlier the diagnosis was established and treatment started, the greater the likelihood of a complete cure for the patient. Scheuermann-Mau disease is characterized by a rather pronounced angle of pathological curvature of the spine - 45-75°.

Scheuermann-Mau disease is divided into three periods:

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Latent period (orthopedic): 8-14 years (according to some experts up to 12 years). There are no active complaints, occasionally there may be back pain during prolonged exercise. On examination, it is possible to identify a slight kyphosis in the thoracic spine, a flat back with lordosis in the lumbar region, or a normal spine. The most complete extension of the back does not eliminate kyphosis (different from stooping back and posture).

In the case of a young patient tilting forward and down, the hands do not touch the feet.

There are also two radiological forms of this disease: There is no single theory of the occurrence of juvenile dorsal kyphosis. However, there are the main predisposing factors that increase the risk of the disease: Symptoms of Scheuermann's disease.

The main signs and symptoms of juvenile dorsal kyphosis are:

The therapeutic effect in Scheuermann-Mau disease is divided into two broad categories: conservative (suitable for the initial manifestations of the disease and as an integrated approach in advanced cases) and surgical (used in case of severe clinical manifestations).

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It is one of the main methods of influencing the affected spine.

The average duration of daily classes is 30-45 minutes. In the case of oxybutynin dynamics in the treatment, the frequency of exercises or their duration can be reduced. Swimming. Classes in the pool or open water allow you to strengthen the muscular frame of the back, relax tense muscles and ligaments, increase the flexibility of the spine, and improve posture. Cycling. Regular cycling allows you to strengthen all the muscles of the human body, increase endurance, improve blood flow in the vessels of the lower extremities and back.
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A set of exercises is selected individually by a specially trained specialist.

Allows you to reduce muscle spasms, improves blood flow, restores posture, reduces the effects of kyphosis. Youtension (traction) of the spine. It promotes stretching of the ligamentous apparatus, restoration of the distance between the vertebrae, alignment of the angle of the spine as close as possible to the physiological norm. Wearing a corset. Allows you to prevent further progression of the process, restores posture, reduces pain. Chondroprotectors. It is prescribed as an additional supportive treatment to accelerate the restoration of ditropan pills cartilage.

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Means such as Arteparon, Rumalon, Formula-C, etc. Dosages and duration of treatment are selected individually, depending on the condition of the patient's spine.
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Accelerate the restoration of the structure of bone tissue, prevent compression fractures of the vertebrae.

Allows you to remove the pain syndrome, reduces the angle of kyphosis, facilitates the general condition of the patient. Manual therapy. Allows you to restore the normal position of the vertebrae in the spine, reduces the severity of pain.

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Provide analgesic effect in case of severe prolonged pain syndrome.

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Treatment, started in a timely manner and at an early stage of oxytrol of the disease, allows you to eliminate all the symptoms of the disease. In the case of advanced forms of the disease, when surgical methods of treatment are used, it is not possible to completely cure the patient, the angle of kyphosis is significantly leveled, but not normalized. However, this still allows the patient to lead a full life and practically forget about pain and visible defects.

It is used in case of an increase in the angle of kyphosis more than 50 °. There are two main methods:

All complications of this disease develop with a long course of kyphosis without appropriate treatment. The main ones are: All of them cause additional symptoms, worsening the general condition of the patient and leading him to disability and disability.

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In order to prevent the onset of development of oxytrol dorsal kyphosis, especially in the case of predisposing factors, a number of simple rules must be followed:

Scheuermann-Mau disease (syn. Scheuermann's kyphosis, dorsal (dorsal) juvenile kyphosis) is a progressive deformity of the spinal column that develops during the active growth of the body. Without timely treatment, it can lead to serious consequences.
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Clinically, Scheuermann's disease is manifested by the formation of a hump on the back and the tilt of the upper body forward, the occurrence of aching pain in the back and rapid fatigue.

In the formation of the problem, the possibility of the influence of genetic predisposition, an abnormal development of bones or connective tissue of the spine, excessive deposition of calcium salts and other predisposing factors is not excluded.

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Diagnosis of Scheuermann-Mau disease always has an integrated approach, but is based on data obtained after an instrumental examination.

In the process of diagnosing, the activities performed personally by the clinician are important. The tactics of therapy depend on the severity of the course of oxybutynin online, therefore, it can be both conservative and surgical, but in any case it includes therapeutic exercises.
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In the international classification of diseases of the tenth revision, Scheuermann's disease has a separate meaning: ditropan pills.

Currently, the exact causes of Scheuermann's disease remain unknown. A large number of experts believe that the problem diagnosed in 1% of children is the result of a genetic predisposition. The triggers for the development of Scheuermann-Mau disease are considered to be:

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Among the predisposing factors it is worth highlighting

Scheuermann's disease is equally common in both boys and girls. The symptoms of Scheuermann-Mau disease will differ depending on the stage. For example, the latent period is characterized by the following clinical manifestations. See details

At the second stage of progression, Scheuermann-Mau disease can be represented by the following symptoms:

Scheuermann-Mau disease has rather specific symptoms and significantly reduces the quality of life. Against this background, there are often no problems with the definition of the disease, but the process of confirming the diagnosis should have an integrated approach.

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It should be borne in mind that such a syndrome occurs in about 5% of cases and proceeds without the occurrence of pain.

Primary diagnosis includes such manipulations by a neurologist. The basis of diagnosis in adults, children and adolescents is the following instrumental procedures. How to treat Scheuermann-Mau disease, rethe orthopedic doctor decides on the basis of the severity of the pathology and the data of the diagnostic examination. Therapy must necessarily be long and complex. Among the conservative methods are.

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Special therapeutic exercises for Scheuermann-Mau disease are performed daily for the first 3 months, then exercises should be done every other day. The whole set of exercises should take from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours. It is important to remember that if the exercises are performed irregularly, the effect of the exercises is sharply reduced.

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In the restoration of normal posture, a special place is occupied by gymnastic exercises, the complex of which is compiled on an individual basis.

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Juvenile kyphosis or Scheuermann-Mau disease will have a favorable prognosis only with early diagnosis and timely commencement of complex and long-term treatment. Lack of therapy leads to complications that are fraught with disability. Scheuermann-Mau disease (dorsal juvenile kyphosis) is a progressive kyphotic deformity of the spine, predominantly occurring during a period of intensive growth at the age of 10–16 years. The disease occurs in 1% of adolescents, and is equally common among both boys and girls.

The reasons for the development of juvenile kyphosis have not been fully established, so prevention is a general approach. There are no methods to prevent the development of such a pathology as Mau's disease. You can reduce the likelihood of an anomaly by following these simple rules.

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Scheuermann-Mau spinal disease, in the absence of therapy, can cause the following consequences. Complications of Scheuermann-Mau disease lead to partial or complete disability.

With the ineffectiveness of conservative therapy and in cases of an increase in the angle of kyphosis by more than 50 degrees, they turn to surgical intervention. In such cases, the disease is treated by several methods. The postoperative period involves the implementation of therapeutic gymnastic exercises.